Tribute to Anne Moller, co-founder Rancho Del Rey

Anne Moller, 1921-2010 Poet and Missionary

Read Anne’s page-turner history of the first 25 years of Rancho Del Rey called, “No Way Places.”

Anne Moller, co-Founder of Rancho Del Rey, besides being mother to thousands of children, was a gifted speaker, author, and determined visionary. In addition to the ministry of El Rancho Del Rey, Anne made it her personal ministry to evangelize in the poor barrios and villages surrounding Monterrey. She would always take a group of the most devout boys to go with her to sing and pray for the sick and the lonely. Anne would later write, “Some of the old ladies in the villages would insist on blessing each child and touching them lovingly and piously as though they were precious gifts from God.” Hundreds, if not thousands, of people were reached by the Gospel through Anne’s village ministry.

Anne Moller might have been writing her own epitaph when she wrote, “Little did we dream that the sons of the street that God allowed to find refuge with us, and the village people who have trusted Christ, would become co-heirs with us of the broad fields of Eternal Life.  Little did we know that though we were strangers and foreigners in Mexico, the Mexicans would accept us from their hearts and say ‘mi casa es su casa,’ and we would know and marvel of the grace of God that allowed us to share Christ and make Him dear to these beloved Mexican children and friends.”  After she passed away, there were five memorial services held for Anne in and around Monterrey. Graduates from RDR came in a steady stream to pay their respects; cards, letters, and emails poured in for weeks afterward. 

Anne’s writings open the door for us to decades of ministry, adventures, misadventures, common everyday moments, heartaches, and great victories. We invite you to read this treasure she wrote on Mothers’ Day in 1965.

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