About Rancho Del Rey


Inspired by missionaries and love of God for all the children of the world, Hank and Anne Moller sold their PA home in 1954, packed up their 3 children and eventually crossed the border into Mexico where they saw poor and homeless children living in the city trash dump.  The Mollers took in “boys of the street” and in 1956 purchased a beautiful hacienda-style home on an orange plantation south of Monterrey, Mexico to house their growing family.  Not long after that they added more than 50 boys to their original family of three children.


Nearly 65 years later we marvel at what has been accomplished through generations of prayer, faithful giving, volunteer support and the tireless sacrifice of staff. Rancho Del Rey has become family to over 2000 children, dozens of workers and thousands of friends around the world since 1956.

Why Rancho Del Rey?

Challenged by a mission that continues to burn in our hearts and inspired by faith in a God who knows no limits, we envision a place where children who have been traumatized will grow in safety.  We will provide an environment that has the resources to meet a full range of physical, spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual needs, and where the boys’ parents receive training, safe haven as needed, and support to become healthy families.

        Vision: Transformation of children born in extreme poverty and social-emotional deprivation into adults of purpose, integrity and faith.

         Mission: Through a loving structured family setting and a program designed to heal trauma and support healthy child development, we help boys find release from the desperate cycles into which they were born.

Living Arrangements

The boys are divided by age group into “houses”. Staff dorm parents, living in adjacent apartments, provide the love and structure that has been missing in the lives of their boys. They teach the boys healthy self-care routines, assign and manage chores, assist with homework, facilitate healthy recreation, drive kids to the doctors and the dentist, provide individual attention and give a lot of hugs.  Dorm parents also teach the boys the great lessons of the Bible, and coordinate with the boys’ school teachers to resolve issues that arise at school.


The boys are enrolled in the local public schools according to their academic readiness. They often arrive at El Rancho with little prior schooling, and it can be a real shock to them to enter a traditional classroom unable, in many cases, to even write their own names. Due to the recent pandemic, the boys are “home schooling”, attending virtual classes, and studying under the supervision of their public school teachers.


In Mexico there is a good supply of fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables. The kitchen and staff of El Rancho provide the boys with three nutritious meals daily, which often include chicken, fish, beans, rice, salsa, and of course, fresh tortillas. Many of the boys have never received regular meals and good food, and when they first arrive they need to learn to eat – how to use utensils and eat nutritious food.


All of the Rancho del Rey staff members are native-born Mexicans, including Daniel Moller, the current director, who was born to co-founders Anne and Hank Moller in Mexico.  Each staff member has special gifts that make el Rancho a therapeutic and safe home. In addition to dorm parent couples, kitchen, housekeeping and maintenance staff, our team includes a licensed full time social worker, child psychologist, education specialist and registered nurse.

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