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Way Places 358

Lend to the Lord                                           July 2018 download pdf As we ask, the Lord keeps providing.  Danny has often said, “The biggest challenge is not money nor facilities. The hardest thing is to find the right staff.”  Only a month ago, we needed a teacher

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#Back to School by the Numbers

Click to print download this Month’s Way Places as a handy reference If you like to shop… Prepare and send a Back-to-school Student Kit (email Susan or call 413-329-3786 to choose one of the boys) 1 backpack 1 bath towel 1 package of boxer-briefs 1 package of colored pencils 1 package markers  1 pencil sharpener 1 blank drawing pad 2 glue sticks 2

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Rancho Del Rey Up Close

May 2018 Rancho Del Rey Ministry Overview (download as pdf – Nice layout!) Vision Children released from a cycle of poverty, abuse and negligence; healed and restored to wholesome childhood, becoming men of purpose, family and faith, responsible citizens and leaders.  Mission Challenged by a calling that burns in our hearts and inspired by a faith in a God who knows no limits, Rancho Del

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