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Christmas 2017

Way Places 353          December 2017 download pdf What do you Want? What do you need?     “My mom needs tennis shoes,” answered Yahir when asked what he would like to buy his mom for Christmas. The boys NEED to give. They are aware that their moms are needy, live in homes often with dirt floors, no running water or

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Through You

(download pdf) In a recent Sunday chapel service, Pascasio (Paz), (a visiting grown Rancho kid from the 90s) stood before us and said, “I would like to read a scripture.” Paraphrasing Genesis 22:18 he declared, “Through you, entire families (all the nations of the world) will be blessed…” Then Paz turned to Epy (Rancho Del Rey house parent for 20 years) and to me

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A Place of Met Needs

A few days ago we welcomed David, a hopeful, handsome boy with mischievous eyes. David is almost 12 years-old and spent his 11th year ‘running in the streets’. His single mom works long hours to support them and isn’t able to supervise or provide for his education. David arrived with enough possessions to one-third fill his backpack and suffering with terribly ingrown toenails. He

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