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What does it mean to sponsor a Rancho Del Rey boy?

A sponsor is a friend, like you, who enables more boys to benefit from this precious gift of a safe home, hope, and love.  You will become part of one boy’s extended family, interested in his life today and in his future.

Why should you sponsor a Rancho Del Rey boy?

Because these boys need you! Your sponsorship will help break the cycle of poverty, crime, abusive relationships and early parenthood that is practically inevitable for these boys.

With your help, Rancho Del Rey has enabled thousands of boys who came from disjointed families to grow up and raise healthy families. They receive academic education, training in life skills, and immersion in God’s love, all in the context of healthy family relationships.

How does sponsorship work?

Choose your own level of support. Our goal is $250 USD monthly for each boy, so a boy may have more than one sponsor. Recurring electronic giving is best, using your checking account or credit card, through eGiving.  You may use the form below.

You will receive a photo of one of the Rancho’s boys with some personal information. We encourage you to exchange letters and/or send emails. We will translate as needed.

Our doors are wide open.  Come visit your sponsored boy!  (email smino@elranchodelrey.org for info). Surely your long-distance love will transform his life, but an in-person hug is the best.

How do I begin?

  1. Sign up for recurring giving by clicking here.
  2. Under “My Donation is For,” select “Sponsorship”
  3. You will be contacted by email with information about the children available for sponsorship.
  4. Or simply email Susan at smino@elranchodelrey.org

By Mail:

What happens When my sponsored child leaves?

We will notify you as soon as we can if your sponsored boy leaves or graduates. You may choose to transfer your sponsorship to another child.

Additional Option for Friends in Mexico:

You can directly deposit into BANORTE account #0559607479.  If you do, please send us an email at smino@elranchodelrey.org.  We’ll contact you with information about the children you can sponsor.  Thanks!