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Anne Moller – A Tribute

Anne Moller 2We share the following with you, as a tribute to her life and work.  Her willingness to wander for the LORD continues to bear fruit to this day, and we pray that it might continue to bear fruit for years to come.

From the Introduction in her book of poetry, “A Star, a Scepter… a Stable…. A Cross… an Empty Tomb”:


I wrote my first poem when I was in my teens.  I called it ‘The Wandering Jew.’  And ‘Wandering’ we have as Missionaries for over fifty years in Mexico and the Lord has laid on my heart poems that have reflected the times and seasons of the year but I believe, especially reflected God’s heart.

Now I share some of these “Wanderings” with you.

Dare to ‘Wander’. . .

And from the Dedication:

My husband and wandering companion of 60 years. . .Hank, I love you.

Joanne, Linda, Cliff and Danny, whom I have birthed. . . My precious treasures!

Gladys, my only sister, mentor, defender, and true artist of the family. . . Thanks for believing in me!

My over 1000 Mexican “Sons of the Street”, whom I continue to travail for until Christ is formed in you. . .

You have made my dreams come true!

My friends, supporters and Co-Wanderers, some of you for all these fifty years in Mexico. . . Thanks for your faithfulness!

Above all, to Jesus, my Savior, and King, my inspiration, and the Lover of my Soul. . .

In addition to the ministry of El Rancho Del Rey, Anne made it her personal ministry to evangelize in the poor barrios and villages surrounding Monterrey. She would always take a group of the most devout boys to go with her to sing and pray for the sick and the lonely. Anne would later write, “Some of the old ladies in the villages would insist on blessing each child and touching them lovingly and piously as though they were precious gifts from God.” Hundreds, if not thousands of people were reached by the Gospel through Anne’s village ministry.

Anne Moller might have been writing her own epitaph when she wrote, “Little did we dream that the sons of the street that God allowed to find refuge with us, and the village people who have trusted Christ, would become co-heirs with us of the broad fields of Eternal Life.  Little did we know that though we were strangers and foreigners in Mexico, the Mexicans would accept us from their hearts and say ‘mi casa es su casa,’ and we would know and marvel of the grace of God that allowed us to share Christ and make Him dear to these beloved Mexican children and friends.”  After she went to be with the Lord, there were five memorial services held for Anne in and around Monterrey. Graduates from El Rancho came in a steady stream to pay their respects, and cards, letters and emails poured into El Rancho for weeks afterward.  The video that follows was made as a memorial for Anne by one of the loving, devoted staff members of El Rancho, and the accompanying music in English was written by a dear, lifelong friend.