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More Milestones

We congratulate our 4 sixth grade, 3 preparatory (high school), and 2 kindergarten graduates. Every level requires perseverance, dedication, energy and financial sacrifice on the part of student and family, and is a big deal.

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Primary — José Julián Tolentino Aurelio




José Julián has come a long way in six years. He is wonderful with animals, babies, and gardens; and he is a great fisherman and soccer player.

Primary — César de Jesús Burgos Contreras

Primary — Yahir Oswaldo Martínez Lucio

Primary — Miguel Ángel Cárdenas Zamora











Cesar is talented at just about everything—music, theater, sports, leadership, academics—and is a charmer.

Yahir is our best recorder player, big brother, athlete, and lover of mariachi music. He gave the honorary sixth grade graduation speech.

Miguel is a fast learner, a great hugger, and he loves to sing. He would like to be a pastor when he grows up

Oscar and Jazmín (their Rancho parents), and Baby Oscar are proud of their four graduates. Their household included four thirteen-year-olds in sixth grade and three boys in fifth. What a gang this year, and a significant change from being the house parents of the smallest boys, and they did great!

Preparatory — Karelly Alejandra Rodriguez

Preparatory — Jonathan Fernando Rodriguez

Preparatory — Daniel Vásques Díaz


After graduating secondary school (middle school), Rancho Del Rey boys can opt to continue their education through the help of Back2Back Mexico (living on their campus), or integrate back into their families (with the support of Rancho Del Rey).

Karelly and Jonathan (a Rancho Del Rey alum), are brother and sister. In order to encourage Jonathan to pursue high school, we offered to scholarship both siblings’ education expenses. Karelly is an excellent student and hopes to study business administration in university some day. 

Jonathan Fernando is an overcomer who graduated high school against all odds, with a concentration in automotive technology. He has a great mind for how things work and is a hard worker.

Daniel arrived at Rancho Del Rey under state guardianship — an unwanted, unloved, and troubled twelve-year-old. Now he is much-loved, an overcomer, and a CrossFit participant.  With the help of his sponsor Dianne, he entered the Back2Back Hope Program and graduated high school this past February. He continues to need  much prayer. 

Staff children






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