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Secondary Graduation, A Milestone!

(Lechuga, a budding artist, drew his Rancho family. He’s the buff guy on the far right.)

Way Places 365       July 2019

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“Lechuga” — Christopher Hilario Ramirez Lechuga

Secondary Graduate (Ninth Grade)

   Throughout the past eleven months we were poignantly aware that this year was Lechuga’s last at Rancho Del Rey. His last Christmas program, his last time directing a chapel service, his last presentation with Singing to the King of Kings, his last soccer game, and his last night as a Rancho boy.

   Lechuga is a noble young man, affectionate, artistic, athletic, and one of Epy’s prodigies in acting and dancing. He is a fine fisherman and nearly unbeatable in ping pong. He is a loving son, dear and admired friend, and rescuer of injured birds. He loves the Lord with all his heart.

   Despite Lechuga’s struggle with speech, he is known for many poignant comments. One time about six years ago, he was video-chatting with Susan’s son Zac and said, “I wish I could reach out through the screen and hold you and never let you go.”

Today, he feels the push and pull of holding on and letting go, but he is excited about what the future holds. After completing a beautiful memory video, just before our last hug (there were at least ten last hugs), I asked him, “Do you feel ready?” He replied, “Yes.”

   There are times we say “hasta luego” (until we see you again) to our kids knowing they are going into precarious situations. But to Lechuga we say, because of the partnership of hundreds of friends, “You have a delightful inheritance in the Lord Jesus Christ. You have served Him well and grown in faith, skill and height! You are ready for the next challenge in your young life, and we will never let go of our love and memories. Rancho Del Rey will always be HOME.”


Link to Lechuga’s video. He selected the photos, the music and the sequence. His last 9 years in 20 minutes. It begins with “Voy Cantando” (“I Go Singing in your Presence”) and ends with Gracias” (“Thank You, Lord”).



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