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Jose, our twelve-year-old who is adjusting to a new eye prosthesis, returned home to his family for a period of grieving after his brother was killed by narco-traffickers. The family lives in poverty and despair alongside the city trash dump. Jose’s mom sees him following the same path as his older brother, whom he resembles in many ways.

We have gone to see him several times since his mom came to take him home.

Although he is in fifth grade, Jose is just learning the alphabet, and getting along with his peers has been a struggle. We pray for his return and for the ability to provide the special services he needs.

April 30th, it was Oscar’s turn to preach in chapel. Oscar and Jazmin are house parents for our seven boys in fifth and sixth grades (including four 13-year-olds).

Also on April 30th, at the same hour, their baby was in surgery to have extra toes removed. Oscar and Jazmin knew their boys would be worried about the baby, so Oscar stayed at the Rancho. The boys were so touched by his presence in chapel that they surrounded him and prayed fervently for the baby. The boys realized that they were as important to Oscar as his baby! In that moment, there was no doubt about his love for them.

Brian is sweeping the just-completed apartment addition.

Second-floor walls are being completed on the multi-purpose building. With the help of Joyce and Mary, twelve windows and two doors have been purchased. The roof is paid for, as well.

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