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Writing a New Story

From the NCF website: 

“With every gift you release from your hands, you’re writing a new story for the people and causes you truly love.”


Through our new partnership with the National Christian Foundation South Florida (NCFSF), you can use assets like stock and mutual funds to support our ministry. In return, you save taxes and give more. When you donate stock, you receive the charitable deduction; shares are sold by NCF tax-free, with proceeds going to Rancho Del Rey; and you can re-fund your portfolio using cash (reset basis!); and use tax savings to give more! It’s a win for us, and a win for you.

Go to southflorida.ncfgiving.com/forms/stockandmutualfundtransfer

Or call 954.771.0110

From their website “We offer creative solutions and tax-smart strategies to help you give more efficiently, to wisely steward all that God has entrusted to you, and to make the biggest possible impact in the areas of your greatest passion. Every day, we see hearts and lives changed through the joy of generosity. How will generosity change you?” Influence for eternity”

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