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Way Places 362 February 2019

How Much Are They Worth?


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Dear Friend,                                                                               February 2019

Roberto is 13, a pimply teenager with a cracking voice, growing like a weed. His great-grandmother, now crippled by arthritis, raised him.  Last June, just before summer vacation, Roberto’s house parents overheard Roberto asking his mother (who has had two more babies in the past two years)  if he could spend summer vacation with her. “No, Roberto, we have no room,” she said firmly.

“But Mom, I will sleep anywhere . . . in the hall, on the sofa, on the floor), anywhere.  Please?”

“No, Roberto. There is no room for you.”

Rejection is not new to Roberto. He has experienced it all his life. Yet, living at Rancho Del Rey, Roberto has learned something that is changing his life. He has learned his true worth in God.

One night in chapel, Epy, house parent for 20 years, posed this question to the boys, “How much are you worth?”  At first, there was a long silence. But then the answers started coming. “We’re all worth the same,” one boy ventured. “We’re worth a lot because God created us,” another one said. “More than two suitcases full of money,” said another.

Finally, Roberto spoke up with strength and assurance in his crackly teenage voice. “We are worth more than all the gold and silver in the whole world!

The boys who live at Rancho Del Rey have spent most of their young lives unseen and unheard; often ignored, abused, and rejected by their very own families. We know from Roberto’s confident response that God has accomplished yet another miracle in a precious young life—one of more than 2,000 miracles we’ve seen since Rancho Del Rey opened in 1956.

You already have been a part of  miracle-making, of making right what has gone wrong with the world through your support. For this ministry to continue, to reach more and do what we do better, we urgently need to build up our ‘supply lines’, folks who,through their love and faithfulness, give monthly to help us buy food, water, gasoline for school vans, pay for medical care and pay salaries well-earned by our fantastic staff. 

Why invest in children through Rancho Del Rey?  What difference can you make?

Every boy who comes to Rancho Del Rey comes from a cycle of unrelenting, generational lack. Not only do these boys lack the basics of food, clothing, and shelter, they also lack education and life skills, nurturing, and hope for the future. Rancho del Rey restores childhood to these boys and provides them a solid foundation for a strong and healthy adulthood.

These boys arrive skinny and malnourished, so we feed them three nutritious meals a day. Most have lived in squalor, but here they live in neat and clean homes with loving house parents. For the first time, they have comfortable beds, clean linens, adequate clothing and hot water. 

They have come uneducated, but they now attend school and receive academic help from house parents and our learning specialist. We provide therapy for their hurt souls. We offer drama, dance, art, music, and sports for their blossoming personalities. They are responsible for household chores. They attend chapel services. They learn they have a loving heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally and learn to love Him in both word and deed. They are growing physically,  intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually—on their way to becoming good citizens, men of faith and integrity, and committed husbands and fathers.

Roberto, the boy who spoke so confidently in chapel, has come to understand the heart of God—that he is worth more than all the gold and silver in the world! Roberto and the 28 others in our program are experiencing healing and growing on a journey to healthy, mature adulthood. They are “fearfully and wonderfully  made” by their Creator who has placed a high value on each of them.

Does this touch something in your heart and spirit?


If so, please consider partnering with Rancho Del Rey in a day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month way. If you already are a monthly giver, you are our backbone. Could you share this ministry with a friend or your church?


Our greatest ministry need right now is friends who share the vision for meeting the daily needs of boys like Roberto, who need a safe place and safe families in which they can be healed and grow. We need your help.  We need your help to buy food, provide medical care, pay fair salaries to our staff and plan ahead to accommodate more boys who have been on our waiting list for months.

I realize this is a commitment not to be taken lightly. A recurring gift of $40 feeds a boy for month, $80 buys a tank of gasoline to take boys to school, and $120 pays for a month of medications. Any amount monthly is appreciated, and sowing and cultivating ‘seed’ in a child who is of inestimable worth. And as we have learned from our boys, it IS much more blessed to give than to receive. One day a grown Roberto will come back with his kids to thank us because of your loving faithfulness.

  Thank you for hearing the heartbeat of Rancho Del Rey.  Thank you for praying for and caring about our precious children and this ministry.

Serving and loving the King’s children together with you,

Dan Moller, Director, on behalf of the Rancho Del Rey team and our children

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