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Blessed Christmas, New Year and WOW

Dear Friend,

        From the bottom of our hearts at Rancho Del Rey, we thank you for another year of Hurts Healed by Hope. We pray for you, too, that today you sense the healing touch of the Healer of the Nations.
       The boys and staff thank you for the ‘beautiful life’ they have at Rancho Del Rey. We are thankful for the parade of our grown boys coming home to get recharged, to say Thank You, to renew ties, to get hugs, to tell their stories and to share their joys and sorrows. We are thankful for Facebook messages from relatives of grown Rancho boys telling us that they need to come back to visit, too.
       This December, we thank you for something rather new for us.  A special year-end campaign that has, we pray, brought as much joy to your heart as ours.  $93,856.04 (of the goal of $120,000) is the current total given toward major renovation and program development.   Wowie!
       We encourage you to come to Rancho Del Rey, take in the physical beauty of the region,  the Rancho family and the Spirit of the Lord in this place. No telling it will be the same as living it yourself.  This life that college-student Romario recently described as “the beautiful life I lived growing up here.”
       Grab your kids, a friend, your tea and travel to Rancho Del Rey for a 15 minute visit through the video below. The boys’ Christmas musical was Extraordinary this year. The rehearsals moved us to tears as much as the performances. Our Hilario filled the role of the grown Jesus, and we are so very proud of one and all. Enjoy snippets plus some bonus material 🙂
Serving the King’s children together with you,

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