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Way Places 361

Promises Fulfilled

Way Places 361 December 2018

After the first performance of our Christmas musical, “The Voices of Christmas”, for the Monterrey International Woman’s organization, one of our boys left with tears streaming down his face.  

Danny asked: What’s wrong?

Raúl: My mother always promises me things, like Christmas presents, but doesn’t keep her promises. 

You promised us that the ladies would give us Christmas gifts, and they did.

All of you who have contributed to Enlarge our Tent 2018 are part of the fulfillment of a promise given to a Buck’s County, Pennsylvania girl more than 6 decades ago.  Anne Reim Moller, co-founder of Rancho Del Rey, grew up in a poor neighborhood and with a big, big dream in her heart to have a home for orphaned children. After arriving in Mexico with Hank and the kids, she says she received this promise,

“All your children will be taught by the Lord,
and great will be their peace.” (Is. 54:13)

Several of our grown Rancho Del Rey sons returned this week, some with their sons in tow, to cheer on our current group of boys in their Christmas musical, which was attended by more than 600 friends, teachers and neighbors throughout the week.  Romario, now a nursing student with aspirations to attend medical school, commented, “I want my sons to grow up here so that they can have the beautiful life I had.”  Great was and IS their peace today and the peace of so many of the generations who have grown up here since.  Daniel Treviño, now a state police officer, said, “If I could live my life all over, I would be willing to suffer again what I did as a child, if that meant I could be back at Rancho Del Rey.”

The Rancho Del Rey tent has been enlarging over its 60 years of history to Heal Hurts with Hope, and your response is taking us to a new threshold, to both deepen our stakes and expand the tent. Thank you for a terrific response to our appeal, Enlarge our Tent 2018!  Of the goal of $120,000 raised toward repair and expansion, about $75,000 has already been received. During this season, we are deeply grateful to the Promise of the Ages and to you who serve Him, you who are woven threads into a great tapestry of promises fulfilled.


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