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When Did You Last Eat?

Way Places 359             August 2018

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       The beginning of a new school year at Rancho Del Rey children’s home, is always a challenge and an opportunity. As we began today our 63rd year of ministry among “sons of the street”, I was reminded of an expression, “hook, line and sinker”. As you know a fish can swallow the hook, a piece of line and the sinker with a big bite.  Today I use it both literally and figuratively, to mean swallowing completely without hesitation.                   

        This saying came to life as we welcomed Raul (6) and Damian (8) to the Rancho family. These brothers’ stories are like so many of the King’s sons who have made RDR their home over these past 6 decades – broken homes, dangerous neighborhoods, abusive parents, little schooling, fear, chronic hunger.

      Raul and Damian arrived very very hungry. During their interview, Javy, one of our house parents, asked little Raul, “When did you last eat?”  

     “No recuerdo (I don’t remember),” he answered.  ”I believe it was yesterday,” he then added, not totally sure.  

       Javy offered them each an apple and watched Raul’s face light up with great expectation. Both boys ate as if it were their last meal.  But what made Javy almost fall apart, was to see Raul and Damian eat every last morsel of the apple. At the end there were NO scraps, no seeds, no waste. They had gobbled it down “hook, line and sinker”. The only evidence there had been two apples were the two big smiles on their faces. They looked back at Javy with a gaze of appreciation while they tried to figure out why a stranger had made room in his home for them and provision for their hungry tummies.

       This new year presents the same challenge of the last 62 years: to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to dress the wounds, to serve against all odds for this new generation of children who eagerly receive food to sustain their life today. We pray they also will receive the Word that will heal their souls and satisfy, once and for all, their spirit’s hunger.  



      Will you open your arms hearts with us to provide food for hungry bodies and souls?

~~~Dan Moller

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