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Lend to the Lord                                           July 2018

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As we ask, the Lord keeps providing. 

Danny has often said, “The biggest challenge is not money nor facilities. The hardest thing is to find the right staff.”  Only a month ago, we needed a teacher and at least one new house parent couple.  Two weeks ago a highly qualified teacher joined our staff and found a needle-in-a-haystack house to rent nearby. Yesterday we interviewed two very promising couples to fill the house parent need.    

In the past year, through your support, we were able to retire all debt, re-roof two buildings and purchase badly needed ‘new used’ vans.

We strongly believe that we are standing before a new ‘open door’.  The following letter is written by Seema Freer, a member of the Rancho Del Rey Board of Directors who visited recently.

Dear Friends,

¨He who gives to the poor lends to the Lord and He will reward them for what they have done.¨ Proverbs 19:17

I feel humbled by this honor, this privilege, of lending to the children of Rancho Del Rey.  In just a few days of my arrival at Rancho Del Rey, I and other members of the Rancho Del Rey Board of Directors, witnessed firsthand a high return on lending.

Juan – Right after Director Danny picked us up at the airport, he was surprised by a tap on the shoulder.  “Hola, Danny!¨  Police Officer Juan is an alum of El Rancho from about fifteen years ago! For those of you who have been supporting since then, this is your Return on Lending (ROL). 

Raul – That same night while walking around a quaint traditional plaza, we encountered a stunning performance of folkloric dancers.

 Raul is the founder and director of a highly-acclaimed folkloric dance organization, which changes the lives of countless children. He funds much of the cost out of his own pocket, enabling low-income children to participate.  Raul was our first on-staff teacher. Today his day job is public school teacher.  Your ROL 20 years later.

FidelTwo days later, we met Pastor Fidel who grew up on the Rancho in the 80’s and now has a vibrant ministry in an underprivileged barrio in Monterrey.  He spoke passionately about how he witnessed Danny growing up to become Director Daniel Moller.  Your ROL 30 years later.

Pastor Fidel today

During our visit we saw for ourselves the urgency of the growing need.  Three days in row, three families came to the Rancho  pleading for help for their sons. We first counseled and prayed with them, but then had to say that right now there was no room, nor house parents for their children.


Will you lend to the Lord today for more children to be loved?


With shared joy and humility,

Seema Freer on behalf of the U.S. Board of Directors, Barbara Arthurs, Tom Arthurs, Pastor David Freer, Elizabeth Massas, Susan Mino, Pastor Aaron Bequette, Director Dan Moller

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