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Rancho Del Rey Up Close

May 2018

Rancho Del Rey Ministry Overview (download as pdf – Nice layout!)


Children released from a cycle of poverty, abuse and negligence; healed and restored to wholesome childhood, becoming men of purpose, family and faith, responsible citizens and leaders. 


Challenged by a calling that burns in our hearts and inspired by a faith in a God who knows no limits, Rancho Del Rey is dedicated to rescue and restore boys who are at high risk.

We help the boys develop healthy emotional attachments and life-long skills, so they can learn to be loved and to love, to forgive and ask forgiveness, to read, solve problems, play hard, eat well, do their chores, serve others, laugh, dance, sing and pray.  We seek to help heal their biological families as well, through restorative relationships with the staff, education and support to equip them to be good parents.

Brief History

After selling their Pennsylvania home in 1954 Hank and Anne Moller packed up the station wagon and their 3 children, traveling west to Oregon and then south into Mexico. Upon crossing the border, poor and homeless children living in the city trash dump captured their hearts.  In 1956 Hank and Anne purchased a beautiful hacienda-style home on an expansive orange plantation south of Monterrey, Mexico to house these “sons of the street”.

Who we serve

A typical Rancho boy…

  • Comes from difficult family circumstances.
  • Has been abused, neglected or abandoned.
  • Has no voice. Is unseen and unheard by his family and society.
  • Lives in a poor, drug-filled, and dangerous neighborhood.
  • Has poor school attendance and can’t read or write.

The Rancho Del Rey Program

All boys are chosen according to need and willingness. The program is voluntary for both child and parent or legal guardian. Each boy becomes part of a healing family on the Rancho Del Rey campus. The restorative program encompasses individualized physical, spiritual, social, emotional and education goals. Families also receive counseling, training and assistance. We are fully certified and licensed by the state (renewed at 2-year intervals) and operate according to all regulations, which require several licensed on campus professionals – a child counselor, social worker, and education specialist – as well as an on-staff medical professional and access to full medical and dental care.

Spiritual Focus

We teach the essence of the Gospel. We are:

  • Loved unconditionally by a Heavenly Father
  • Saved by grace and called to be grateful, merciful, forgiving and kind.
  • Directed to love our neighbors as ourselves
  • Taught that to give is better than to receive.
  • Created with purpose

Program Objectives

  • Healing of body, spirit and soul
  • Learn to eat well and exercise regularly, and good hygiene habits
  • Development of self-regulation, good manners and respect for community spaces
  • Preparation through education for career and adult life

Expansion Goals

  • Build a classroom $14,000
  • Open a new house and hire house parents to accommodate up to 6 more boys
  • Construct a visitor’s apartment $24,000
  • Create a space for career and technology education program
  • Continue to increase the percentage of support within Mexico (currently at 10%).
  • Develop alternatives for school vacations (currently boys return to biological families or state care)
  • Further develop support program for biological families.

Expenses (projected 2018-19 Budget $350,000)

Results to date:  Over 2000 boys have called Rancho Del Rey home. They have become electricians, chefs, teachers, policemen, politicians, agents of change, pastors, faithful husbands and responsible dads.

Current Empowerment  Opportunities

U.S. Board of Directors

Tom Arthurs (Property Developer), Barbara Arthurs (Property Management and Design),  David Freer (Pastor), Seema Freer (Biology Professor), Elizabeth Massas (Preschool Director), Aaron Bequette (Pastor), Susan Mino (RDR Development), Daniel Moller (Director Rancho Del Rey)

You can view the book below as a slide show.  Let us know if you’d like a hard copy. It’s a great way to know us better and share Rancho Del Rey with a friend. 

Click here to view this photo book larger

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