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Way Places 356

     Room for Ten More  (Room for one more, cont.)

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“Let the children come to me.”  Matthew 19:14

       Wow!!! What an encouragement your prayers, friendship and generosity are to us…Thank you so much for having our back, for standing in the gap, for filling in the cracks in the mortar of the walls of our strength, of our wisdom, of our courage.  

       This school year we have been thrust into a maze of need.   I have always seen need ever since I was a child, traveling the byways and dirt trails with my parents in far away places where food, clothes and medication, a song or a smile were seen as treasures. There were needy folks in places so desolate that they seemed forgotten by governments and religious organizations. Even civilization itself had withdrawn its hand.

       Sixty years later we are confronted, we are stared in the face, over and over again by children who’s eyes ask, “Will you help me?, I am hungry, I am naked, I am sick…I need to eat, I need clothes, I need a doctor and my teeth hurt,  I need a home, I need to learn to read, I need to heal.”  Panchito, 12, visited us last week. His skin mottled, his little body undernourished, he has never attended school regularly.  He can’t write his name, Francisco. Panchito eagerly accepted a banana from Jenny but ate only half.  He explained, “I want to save the other half to give to a hungry friend.”

       I thought by now there would be less need and yet the knocks keep sounding at  my door (10 new urgent candidates, in less than 2 weeks). When I open the door, there stands a possible future chef, an architect or a doctor encased in a frail body, a child that just needs a chance at life, that just needs me to say YES…

        I want to say YES to more kids, “Welcome, we have been waiting for you!”  We need two pair of house parents (substitute families), adequate living space for them, and of course financial help to pay the staff, feed the kids and send them to school. Will you help me pray? Together we WILL say


Dan Moller 

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