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Christmas 2017

Way Places 353          December 2017

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What do you Want?

What do you need?


  “My mom needs tennis shoes,” answered Yahir when asked what he would like to buy his mom for Christmas.

The boys NEED to give. They are aware that their moms are needy, live in homes often with dirt floors, no running water or electricity. They do extra chores to earn money to purchase a gift for mom or auntie or grandma.

Last Sunday in our chapel service I asked two questions.

“What do you want?” 

~~~A new phone, a drone, a remote control car were a few of the answers given (by adults, too).

“What do you need?”

~~~To study harder, to concentrate, to be here on the Ranch, to do better in school. . .

Cristian answered, “I need my MOM.”

They clearly understand the difference between NEED and WANT. 

The Word says if we delight ourselves in the LORD He will give us the desires of our     hearts.  He wants to please us by fulfilling our true, good desires.

“You know what I long for, Lord; you hear my every sigh” (Ps. 38:9).

To find out how needs and wants were provided through you, read on!


  • We needed encouragement. The Lord encouraged  us through hardworking teams, generous gifts, notes, letters and phone calls, and through grown Rancho boys who came home to minister to our hearts.

  • We needed roofs.  Tin would have served the purpose, but your generosity enabled us to retain  historic authenticity and re-roof with clay tiles. 

  • We needed reliable and safe transportation.  We received a beautiful new-to-us Ford Econoline, low mileage, just what we WANTED.  We also purchased a low mileage, super clean Honda Odyssey at a  miraculously low price.  The sum of your gifts equalled the cost of these two new vehicles plus paid for new tires, rubber mat flooring, insurance for a year and taxes.   

  • We needed new dorm parents, and the cost of the salary was provided. We wanted exceptional dorm parents, and Jazmin and Oscar have  exceeded our highest expectations. 

Now we want and need to thank those of you who stood with us in prayer,  and those who met a three-year challenge (2016-2017 as year one) to support an additional house parent couple Jazmin, Oscar and baby Oscar. Of all the gifts we have received, this young family rates first place in our hearts!  We needed them, and our boys need them now more than ever.

Our commitment to lower parent-child ratio has not waivered. The extra expense remains ($14,000 for the school year 2017-2018). We need your continued prayers and support to pay fair salaries to our dedicated, talented and hard-working staff.

Feliz Navidad and Gracias for your generosity and prayers

all through the year.  ~~~~ Dan Moller

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