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Through You

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In a recent Sunday chapel service, Pascasio (Paz), (a visiting grown Rancho kid from the 90s) stood before us and said, “I would like to read a scripture.”

Paraphrasing Genesis 22:18 he declared, “Through you, entire families (all the nations of the world) will be blessed…”

Then Paz turned to Epy (Rancho Del Rey house parent for 20 years) and to me and said, “Today I stand before you and testify that this scripture has been fulfilled, in me and my two brothers, who came to this home twenty years ago from a poor indigenous community where we slept on a dirt floor, where on good days we might have one meal a day, and where we never went to school nor were taught about God’s love. Thank you.”

“Then the Lord made a way for us to come to Rancho Del Rey where we had our own bed, clean clothes and three meals a day. We learned math and Spanish, learned to sing, and heard that God sent His Son to save us and heal our hearts.”

“Now I stand before you, the new Rancho Del Rey boys, and want to tell you that not only will God bless you, but He will bless your family as well.”

Then Paz looked at his wife, 3 daughters and son and said, “You have been blessed because Anne, Hank, Epy, Danny and many others have been obedient to the Lord’s calling!”

I admit that I lost it for a moment, yet was so grateful to have lived to see once again the fruit of the seeds planted years ago in lives of boys whose voices I still hear loud and clear echoing inside the rooms and outside on the soccer court and playground of the Ranch of the King.

Thank you, friends and sponsors. Your obedience has blessed and touched individual lives and made a difference in whole families. This fruit is also yours!


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