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A Place of Met Needs

A few days ago we welcomed David, a hopeful, handsome boy with mischievous eyes. David is almost 12 years-old and spent his 11th year ‘running in the streets’.

His single mom works long hours to support them and isn’t able to supervise or provide for his education. David arrived with enough possessions to one-third fill his backpack and suffering with terribly ingrown toenails. He needs black school shoes, gym shoes, play shoes, soccer shoes and flip-flops or crocs. He needs navy blue school pants, a white button-down shirt, a white polo shirt with navy blue collar stripe, a belt and a tie. Plus socks, underwear, pajamas, shorts, t-shirts and church clothes, toothbrush, deodorant, foot powder, shampoo and skin lotion, just to start. Thirteen blank notebooks (covered with various-colored contact paper and labeled with formal labels), colored pencils, pens, eraser, sharpener, ruler, calculator, white-out, highlighter, several rolls of toilet paper, reams of pinter paper, cleaning supplies (among other things the school asks us to contribute), money for registration and monthly school fees. Public education here is far from free.

Thank you for providing David and all our kids with new, sturdy backpacks, for helping us provide medical attention and pay for education. Your help is changing lives, giving them a chance at something their parents never had.

PS Safe transportation needs – – – – We need a van with seat belts (now the law here). So far 3100 of 18,000 needed has been raised. 🙂 Our unreliable ’82 Ford needs retirement. Our more unreliable 2000 Dodge is plagued with seemingly unrepairable electrical woes. We transport the boys to their schools, no school buses here. Want to help? Click here and choose new vans for your designation.

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