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Christmas Letter 2014

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Beloved Friends,

Most of us love giving and receiving gifts. El Rancho is filled with noisy, growing, happy boys because of the generosity of so many of you.

Financial sponsorship is a gift with permanent value and is more meaningful to Rancho boys than you can imagine – each of these boys has been asking if he has a sponsor. He asks for a name and a photo. He is longing to know that someone cares enough for him to provide dependable financial support and send an occasional letter. This is something they do not get from their Mexican parents, something precious and almost unimaginable.

You should have seen the wonder in their faces when we explained the program. Then they were all asking at once – do I have one, do I? It may seem common to you, but not to them.

Giving personal monthly support is a gift of love that you will love giving and the boys will love receiving. You will be blessed, too.

No support level is too small or too large. Read more about the program on the Sponsor page.

May you be blessed with richest blessings.



Would you like to sponsor – – –

Christian – sensitive, a bright and shining academic star, sincere, always at the top of his class

Misael – personable, fun, with an impish grin, an overcomer


Christian and Misael






David – The lead narrator of our Christmas play this year – a beautiful, clear voice, sincere, spiritual, has potential to be a speaker/pastor











Jharol – a year older than his brother Christian but in the same grade, struggles academically, socially, is wonderfully affectionate and just wants to be loved.














Tadeo – our newest boy, is from an abusive family, unwanted by his stepfather, has had little schooling, but is sincerely interested in learning scriptures and loves to pray in Anne’s prayer plaza.













Alberto – smiles uncontrollably, has an incredibly sweet disposition, affectionate, with a quick temper and wild side.












Juan – birth defects resulted in serious foot/ankle surgery, delaying schooling, limiting physical activity.  He prays up a storm like a sensitive loving pastor and is a spiritual leader in his dorm.



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  1. Danny, this is such a wonderful photo, a revealing study of a teaching moment. This should be one of your favorites. I truly enjoyed these short bios. It gives a snapshot of the boys’ character traits and prayer needs. Bless your ongoing ministry of building His Kingdom.