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Cows or Teeth

Way Places 327

October 2014

Good neighbors

Good neighbors


Susan Mino, friend of the Mollers for many years, Rancho frequent visitor and supporter along with her husband Mike, and now Rancho Del Rey Board of Directors member, was just with us as we started our 58th school year.  While here she encouraged, ran errands, baked cookies, counseled, shared the Word, kissed some scraped knees, held crying kids in her arms, read bedtime stories, took kids swimming, encouraged staff. . .  and did it all over again the next day. This month she shares one of her experiences

As I write I am aware of a struggle with pronouns.  Needing something from the kitchen for the evening lesson one night I asked, “Tenemos cucharas de plastico?” Do we have plastic spoons?  We?  Should I have asked, “Do you have plastic spoons?”  When did I become part of “we”?

A little exchange with a neighbor really got me thinking about this.



Looking out the wide picture window next to Hank’s desk one afternoon I noticed Carmen, a neighbor, sitting on a bench, a favorite spot for resting under the shade of 2 trees.  Here was my escape from computer work in the office!  I really love talking to Carmen. Her Spanish is slow, simple and loud and she makes me feel so wanted.

I hurried out to greet Carmen (I call her the cow lady because she grazes her cows here on the Rancho property). She and her husband and family have been great friends to the Rancho for many long years, and also to my 2 children Luci and Zac while they served on the Rancho for several months. Her face beamed. After a big hug she said that the Rancho was never the same after my children left and made a comment about how my husband and I should live in Mexico instead of traveling back and forth.

I tried to think of something nice to say in response to her kind words.  So I said . . .  “What a pretty new cow you have!”  (The cow was grazing a short distance from the bench we were sitting on.) Carmen paused, and after a little giggle commented, “I bought the new cow instead of teeth.  I don’t need teeth to eat tortillas; I’d rather have a new cow.”

It’s almost unthinkable to me, choosing between teeth and a cow. But through being enriched and challenged by Anne’s and now Danny’s writing gifts and a few adventures in Mexico, I have been drawn into this Rancho vision for poor children. And I am making choices, too, and I hope like Carmen with that sense of happy abandon.

All of you who have chosen to support the Rancho boys and the larger ministry here in Mexico are, in some ways, choosing COWS over TEETH. You are part of the “WE”.  You are the backbone.  And this year WE together have the opportunity to buy the cow.  The “cow” needed this year is to have enough consistent income to cover regular expenses in order to avoid borrowing more.  We also have to continue to pay back debt incurred due to the expensive certification process and occasional gaps between income and expenses.

New boy Beto and Christian

New boy Beto and Christian

Can you imagine yourself with 25 children waiting each month to see IF the checks will come in to buy the food and pay the bills? Participation in electronic recurring giving blesses the kids, the guy who pays the bills (Danny) and the whole Rancho staff with dependable income. The money is there even if the mail doesn’t come.  Please consider the more secure option of recurring electronic giving if you haven’t already.

Most of us rarely have to choose between a COW or TEETH, but the every day decisions matter too. The Rancho boys’ lives depend on our choices motivated by love. Let’s be like Carmen and make them with a sense of happy abandon. ~  Susan Mino
“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35)

A special thanks also to Dianne Button for her visit this summer and hard work as she helped us get ready for this new school year. Dianne you are loved, although we may not always say so. Gracias for your unconditional love and with your husband Norm, and daughter Ashley for folding and stuffing and mailing the WayPlaces every month.


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  1. We love receiving your newsletter every month in our email. We feel closer to all of you and always wish we could do more to help your wonderful ministry. God richly bless all of you We love you and keep you in our prayers.