Weekly News

#Back to School by the Numbers

Click to print download this Month’s Way Places as a handy reference If you like to shop… Prepare and send a Back-to-school Student Kit (email Susan smino@elranchodelrey.org or call 413-329-3786 to choose one of the boys) 1 backpack 1 bath towel 1 package of boxer-briefs 1 package of colored pencils 1 package markers  1 pencil sharpener 1 blank drawing pad 2 glue sticks 2

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Thank You

Today we say a special THANK YOU to those of you who are sponsoring individual boys.  You are part of their extended family.  Some boys still need sponsors. Contact Susan at 413 329 3786 or smino@elranchodelrey.org for information.

A Place of Met Needs

A few days ago we welcomed David, a hopeful, handsome boy with mischievous eyes. David is almost 12 years-old and spent his 11th year ‘running in the streets’. His single mom works long hours to support them and isn’t able to supervise or provide for his education. David arrived with enough possessions to one-third fill his backpack and suffering with terribly ingrown toenails. He

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What is Rancho Del Rey? A home away from home for boys located on beautiful former orange plantation, providing housing, food, loving parental care, education (both on and off campus in public school), a rich spiritual atmosphere, life-skills training and treatment for emotional and social needs.  How did Rancho Del Rey get started? A dream was born in the heart of Anne Moller when

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