Way Places

Secondary Graduation, A Milestone!

(Lechuga, a budding artist, drew his Rancho family. He’s the buff guy on the far right.) Way Places 365       July 2019 download pdf “Lechuga” — Christopher Hilario Ramirez Lechuga Secondary Graduate (Ninth Grade)    Throughout the past eleven months we were poignantly aware that this year was Lechuga’s last at Rancho Del Rey. His last Christmas program, his last time directing a

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Brian, Then and Now

Way Places 364  June 2016 download pdf Brian is a driven young man, a budding photographer, and a lover of math. He is athletic, disciplined, trustworthy, hard-working, and affectionate. He will graduate eighth grade this month, likely first in his grade. Brian before Rancho Del Rey Abandoned by his mother at two months old. Taken in by his grandmother. Crossed the river into Texas

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Way Places 361

Promises Fulfilled Way Places 361 December 2018 After the first performance of our Christmas musical, “The Voices of Christmas”, for the Monterrey International Woman’s organization, one of our boys left with tears streaming down his face.   Danny asked: What’s wrong? Raúl: My mother always promises me things, like Christmas presents, but doesn’t keep her promises.  You promised us that the ladies would give us Christmas gifts, and they

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