Letter from the Director: December 2020

Today, the campus is alive with the sounds of noisy boys; house parents are doubling as school teachers; hygiene protocols are stringently followed, and we have settled into new routines.

Today, the Rancho Del Rey boys are aware they won’t be returning home soon, certainly not for Christmas. They have mixed feelings–excitement about celebrating with house parents they love, relief at escaping domestic conflict, abuse, instability, and sadness about missing family, all while grappling with feelings of abandonment.

Our Rancho Del Rey boys need stability. Our boys need family. They need their house parents who, as role models of faith and caring relationships, teach the boys how to receive and give affection. They do dishes and play soccer, teach guitar and how to do laundry. They teach algebra and crocheting, fix bikes, cut hair, take boys fishing and check to see that teeth are brushed, deliver food and financial help to the boys’ families, preside over complicated online learning schedules, and listen with open hearts when boys open up about their trauma.

Today, would you consider dedicating your special year-end gift to sponsor and honor our indispensable Rancho Del Rey house parent couples? Each receives a weekly salary of $185, which includes social security, health and life insurance. This has been an extra challenging year financially for Rancho Del Rey. Your partnership with us and with them will help provide much-appreciated economic stability, encouragement.


“These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Today, Oscar and Jazmin, Javier and Jenny, and Fanny and Victor know that they will not be returning home for a normal Christmas vacation either. Every day they will continue to rise up, to give their time and energy, their sleep schedules and social lives to a greater need. Their willingness to keep giving of themselves keeps our ship afloat. They are facilitating a holiday of purpose-driven love by providing stability and creating new Christmas traditions. They are helping to heal hurts with hope.

Our goal for this 2020 year’s end is to raise $40,000, which would cover scholarship the salaries of Rancho Del Rey’s six Rancho Del Rey parents through the end of this current school year. Your prayers and financial support are both urgently needed. We are grateful for the faithful love of many friends—in Mexico, in the US, in Canada, and around the world. We honor, love and bless you. We pray for you.

Serving the “the children of the KING” together with you,

Danny Moller,
Director, Rancho Del Rey

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Our busy house parent moms need more arms. They are sending you a big virtual hug.

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