December 2020: The Hands, Feet, and Eyes of Jesus

Dear Rancho Del Rey Friend,

If you’ve followed our updates in the past months, you know the challenges and obstacles we’ve faced. God has graciously brought us through. Today, the campus is alive with the sounds of boys; house parents are doubling as schoolteachers; hygiene protocols are stringently followed; and we have settled into a new routine.

Frankly, getting here has been difficult. We have struggled to make ends meet through the summer and into the fall. This final Way Places of 2020 is coming to you with a transparent and prayerful request for your help. We are in the middle of difficult times and great need, and more than ever, we need to be able to count on your faithful prayers and financial help.

For this newsletter, I’ve asked our house parents to speak to you directly. I wanted you to hear their hearts, their challenges, their joys, and their daily lives. Our parents are examples in word and deed of the perfect law of the Lord— examples of love, wholesome family, integrity, and hard work.

This year-end we offer you the opportunity to ensure that our kids are loved and nurtured throughout the school year.We are asking you to sponsor part of the salaries of our three house parent couples through the end of summer 2021. Please pray what the LORD would have you do.


  • ONE WEEK: $185
  • ONE MONTH: $800
  • TOTAL GOAL: $40,000


You have helped us continue to provide full salaries for 100 percent of our staff throughout months of changes, challenges, and a drop in giving. Each member of our team plays a unique and crucial role in the ministry of Rancho Del Rey—our psychologist, nurse, social worker, maintenance chief and educator are indispensable. Several wear multiple hats—cooks/housekeepers, house parents/tutors, campus coordination/Bible and drama education, robotics teacher/gardener/cook, and communications/office-staff-parent support. They are the hands, feet, ears, mouth and eyes of Jesus for your Rancho Del Rey kids.

Jazmin and Oscar

The boys say that bedtime is their favorite time of day—reading the Bible together, prayer, hugs and kisses—then we wrap them in their blankets like tacos.Another thing that blesses us is their generosity. Once Rafa received a musical toy for Christmas that he loved. Another boy asked if he would swap gifts—the toy for pajamas that would fit Rafa’s little brother back home. Rafa happily gave up the toy so he could give the pajamas to his brother. True brotherly love.

Jenny and Javy

We are learning to teach by understanding our boys’ minds. They had this math problem: “A dozen eggs costs 20 pesos. How many eggs can you buy with 25 pesos?” Alexis answered, “If you have 25 pesos, you should probably buy something else.” Raphael said, “Eggs cost more than that. You can’t buy many with 25 pesos.” Cristian offered, “You should buy a laying hen.” A problem like that is not just academic for them. It’s real life.

Fanny and Victor

One of the boys showed me a torn pair of boxers that he was going to throw away. I said, “I can fix them.” I took out my sewing box that had spools of different colored thread. The boys gathered around and asked why there were so many colors. One said, “Ah, it’s so you can’t see the repairs.” Soon the boys were bringing me other clothes to repair. Our boys are like those torn clothes. The Master Tailor is mending their hurts. The LORD is re-weaving their lives.

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