November 2020: They Came For Me

A long time ago, Someone came to live on this earth as we do—eat and sleep as we do, live in community as we do, experience joy and sorrow as we do. He came for us, and He saved us.

Earlier this month, we received an informal “green light” from the government to begin taking back our boys, with various precautions. One was that we had to go for them, to pick them up in their city dwellings. In the case of Fernando and Cristian, this was extra complicated, since the family had moved about 9 to 10 hours away from the Rancho Del Rey campus.

Javy and Jenny, house parents to six teen-age boys, offered to drive the 19-hour round trip, through dangerous territories, to pick up Cristian and his half-brother, Fernando. They said, “We want to experience one day of how our boys have lived for the past three months.”

Although Javy and Jenny planned to sleep in a hotel, Cristian’s family insisted on providing them supper and accommodations with the simple hospitality they had to offer–no windows, no doors (just a sheet and square of plywood to keep out the chickens and pigs), no electricity, and no plumbing or running water.
Fernando built a wood fire to begin supper for their guests. The family made tasty tortillas and tamales, homemade cheese, and served fresh fruit from their farm. Cristian was very attentive, offering them a glass of water to wash their hands before eating. After dinner, Fernando offered his straw mat for Javy and Jenny to sleep on. But the grandparents insisted they sleep on the one tiny mattress the family owns. Shower and toilet were in an outhouse shielded by a sheet. The water was freezing cold.

Javy and Jenny cared so much for those boys that they spent two days on the road, drove through risky territory, and accepted the humble hospitality of Cristian and Fernando’s family. They sacrificed safety, time, energy and comfort. They had no idea what to expect, but they went anyway.

Later Cristian commented, with a combination of awe and delight,
“They came for me.”

Jesus knew what to expect when He came to earth, and He knew what the cost would be. But even knowing that He would be despised and rejected did not stop Him from coming.

Although our kids can’t fully appreciate the cost of your faithful sacrifice in giving, the sacrifice of their parents, and the sacrifice of the Rancho staff–that lack of understanding does not stop you from giving, nor us from going for them. Together we are simply following the example of our Savior, who came for us.

We continue to need your help for food, medical care, education and staffing. Our boys are worth all that you give in love for them. What you do for them, you do as unto the Lord. Thank you. May you be abundantly blessed in return.

Danny Moller, Director

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