Letter from the Director: August 19, 2020

“My bag is packed,” Yahir announced, when Javy and Jenny arrived two weeks ago with emergency aid (food, cleaning supplies, and money) at his house. He was sure they had come for him, when in reality, their message was, “Not yet, but we hope soon.” His mom also was given information about the protocol going ahead once permission is granted by authorities to allow the boys to return to their Rancho home.

Rancho Del Rey house parent couples visited all the ‘muchachos’ you love from afar that weekend, and all were eager to return. Each of their legal parents agreed to Covid-19 testing for their boys, to stay in quarantine on the Rancho campus with their child in the event of sickness, and to not visit until the conditions improve.

Last week, we received word from the president of Mexico that all public education would be delivered via television and radio beginning August 24. However, at this writing, the government has not yet given a protocol and green light for children to return to children’s homes. Not yet, but we hope soon.

Although the current health risks are serious, we are even more concerned about the unstructured lives our boys are living while with their biological families. Awake till late into the night, sleeping late in the day, wandering in the streets, faced with temptations, exposed to risk of violence in the street and in their homes, and not eating well, if eating at all.

Once we have a ‘green light’ from the government to take the boys back, our estimated costs above normal operating expenses will include funds for Covid-19 testing ($130 USD includes one test and visiting nurse)*. Together we have devised and made an on-campus testing-quarantine proposal to child protection services. This is updated information as of yesterday, so the pdf letter will not reflect this information.

While we are waiting, we will support our kids and their families with food, medical, and financial support, and virtual tutoring. Schooling in these conditions Is a real challenge and will take much work for our teams (hours every day on the phone with their kids), but they are confident they can pull it off with your prayerful support.

In the meantime, we ask the Lord to do what He has done for 64 years here at Rancho Del Rey, MAKE A WAY WHERE THERE SEEMS TO BE NO WAY. We know He will do so.

  • A way for these kids, who are at such high risk. A way to quiet their fears.
  • A way for their desperate moms and grandmothers who don’t know where to turn.
  • A way for our staff to continue their God-ordained ministry.
  • A way for our benefactors to continue to bless others and be blessed in return.
  • A way for this six-decade-old ministry to thrive in these uncertain times.
  • A way to continue proclaiming the Kingdom of God to a lost, needy generation.

Through It all, we trust that we all are in the palm of God’s hand.

Yahir and the rest of the boys are ready, with their hands on their packed bags. We are ready to welcome them back and welcome new boys, as well. Rancho Del Rey has a uniquely suited team, 100% willing to adapt to whatever challenges lie ahead. You have our back, and we have your prayers. Thank you and God bless you!

Please pray with us that all the complexities of this challenging time will be sorted out by our very big God, that the government will make good and wise decisions, and that our Rancho family will be back together again soon.

Serving the children of the King together with you,

Danny Moller

*Less than our original price quote, due to the assistance of our campus physician

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